My lifeuuuu :3

soooo yeah...haven't posted anything cause I'm a /newfag/ and was just on here to lurk on egl comm sales xD but I may as well post some stuff well i'm here

school's shit DX i go to the art institute and it is ONE SHITTY SCHOOL let me tell you...there's one counselor to sign up everyone in the fashion department as well as other departments and that's how you sign up for classes....and my classes were going so bad I had to drop two of them, and I'm gonna barely pass the one I have left. At this point I feel like it's not even worth it anymore and am considering just quitting and becoming self taught. Maybe open my own atelier business and selling one-of-a-kind party and occasion dresses. I'm gonna talk to a counselor and see if I can get a stress leave for a quarter so I can think about it.

what friends? DX I only have a few good friends left in oregon that I see a's not that i don't have a lot of friends it's just that i'm always busy when theyre not at i'm trying to make more of the friends I have and still talk to me [thanks guys] other than that...I have lot of friends in the seattle area that I love going to see because it gets me out of oregon DX but it costs me about 50 to go up there by bus cause I fail and don't I may be moving up there over summer '10 we'll just have to wait and see

GOTTA GET WORKING FOR SAKURACON D8 sooo many planned out and so much work ahead of me. So as it stands I have Musashi-Eyeshield 21, Death the Kid and Soul-Soul Eater, Leeron-Gurren Lagann, and possibly one more.....on the list of ones I want to do are Natsu-Fairy Tail, Trafalgar Law-One Piece, and Hazama-Blazblue....they all depend on budget of other ones and time [cause I work full time and have school] but i'm also gonna wear my tiger kigurumi [gonna buy that in a few weeks, shit's gonna cost 84 dollars] and sweet lolita [i'm so pleased my friend is selling me a bodyline fruits parlor skirt for 20 x3] and just trying to accumulate more lolita because i've worn it at conventions before but I've always borrowed it Dx so i figured if i like it so much may as well buy it too lol

so other than that just trying not to spend tooo much and trying to stay stress free :D
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